5pm Group-  6pm Focus: Core -  7pm Private


       3:30pm Tiny Tigers  - 4pm Group  - 5pm Group  - 6pm Focus: Poomse - 7pm Private


       4pm Ladies  -  5pm Group  -  6pm Focus: Self Defense  -  7pm Private


       3:30pm Tiny Tigers  - 4pm Group  - 5pm Group  - 6pm Focus: Gyroogi - 7pm Private

Friday & Saturday TBA

Class Description


These lessons are open to all ages and abilities. Classes include training in Poomse (forms), Gyroogi (sparring), and Self Defense skills necessary for demonstrations, competition, and belt promotions.

Tiny Tigers

This class is designed for young, aspiring martial artists to develop a strong foundation in Taekwondo.


A weekly class for women to work on flexibility, strength, balance, and improve their self defense skills in a non-competitive environment.


During the Focus hour a specific area of Taekwondo is emphasized. 

Tuition & Fees

*Tuition is due at the beginning of each month* 

Unlimited  -  $50/month  -  Student may attend as many classes as desired

Tiny Tigers  -  $20/month  -  Meet twice each week

Ladies  -  $20/month  -  May attend all Ladies' events

Once per Week  -  $30/month-  May attend one class each week

Drop-In  -  $10/class

Belt Promotion  -  $15 donation requested

Uniforms  -  $10 for the first uniform & $20 for each additionally purchased

Merchandise  -  Catalog is available for purchasing additional equipment and miscellaneous items

*Discounts are available for families - Scholarships under certain circumstances & situations*